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2023 Summer Horse Camp is SOLD OUT.

Session 1: Horse Owning 101
May 29th-June 1st-FULL

Session 2: Careers with Horses
June 5th-June 8th-FULL

Session 3: Horses though the Ages
June 12th-June 15th-FULL

2023 Summer Camp Dates

Session 1: Horse Owning 101

Everything you need to know about owning and caring for your own horse. Topics will include; how to select your perfect partner, Vet checks and what to look for when buying a horse, What you  need to take care of and ride your horse, Training and Tune-ups, Ground Manners, Expenses and how to create a monthly budget and an emergency budget, Shoeing & Regular Vet care, What to do in an emergency situation, How to recognize illness and more.

Session 2: Careers with Horses

Dreaming of a life with horses? This camp will explore jobs with horses and what it takes to work with your favorite animals. In this camp we'll learn what it takes to be a Veterinarian, Equine Dentist, Equine Massage Therapist, Farrier, Professional Trainer, Professional Judge, Riding Instructor, Therapeutic Riding Instructor, Professional Horse Hauler, Show Groom/Race Track Groom and more!


Session 3: Horses Through the Ages

Where did horses come from and how did your favorite breeds come to be? Did you know that American Paint Horses are one of the 'newer' breeds and were only established in the 1960's? This camp will go back in time as we learn where our favorite horses, traditions and riding styles came from. Explore the middle ages, including jousting & mounted archery, Victorian times as we go foxhunting and sidesaddle riding, Learn about native horses in America and how they shaped the old west, and horses as workers for farming and calvary.

2023 Summer
Horse Camp

Current IACH Student?

Each camp session runs Monday-Thursday from 6:30am-noon. 2023 Camp is $190/Session and includes camp t-shirt if registered before 5/12/2023. Bring a water bottle and snacks and/or lunch. We have popsicles!

To attend summer camp, campers must be currently enrolled IACH lesson students able to complete the following skills:

  *catch horse independently
  * groom and saddle (mostly independently)
  *ride at the walk, trot and canter (beginning canter ok)



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