Lesson Policies

Riding Attire:

Students agree to come dressed to ride in proper riding attire consisting of:


1. Long pants: Jeans, breeches or riding tights.


2. Riding boots: Boots with a smooth sole and defined heel not more than 1½ inches high. (Under no circumstances will students wearing sneakers or sandals be allowed to participate in ANY Equine Activities.)


3. Fitted/Semi Fitted Shirt: Students will not be permitted to ride in loose or billowing clothes or dangling jewelry as it can pose a safety risk should loose items get caught/snagged on saddle or horse.


4. Appropriate accoutrements for the weather/season (gloves, ear warmers, cooling towel, etc.).


5. Riding Helmet: An ASTM approved riding Helmet must be worn at all times while participating in mounted Equine Activities. Students agree to furnish their own ASTM approved riding helmet within their first 4 riding lessons with It’s A Cinch Horsemanship, LLC. Stable owned helmets are available for student use for no more than the first 4 lessons. NOTE: Failure to arrive at lessons in proper riding attire including ASTM riding helmet will result in student not being permitted to ride or participate in that day’s Equine Activities.




Riding lessons are weekly and are paid by the month in advance to reserve your lesson spot. Tuition is a monthly average based on 52 lesson weeks per year. Monthly tuition for 1 lesson per week is $170 ($40/lesson). For students riding 2 or more times per week, base tuition is $170 plus $135 for each additional weekly lesson ($35/lesson). Sibling discount for 2 or more children from the same family riding is $35/lesson, billed as $170 for first child and $135 for each sibling. (Example: 1 lesson per week is $170/monthly, 2 lessons per week is $305/monthly and 3 lessons per week is $440/monthly.)


Students starting mid-billing cycle will be charged the single lesson price of $40/lesson until the next full billing cycle. (Riders must ride at least 2x per week to be eligible for off-site competitions or events.) Unpaid spots will not be held in the event of student’s absence for any reason.




Riding lessons are to be paid in full by the month in advance. Payment is due in full on or before the 7th of the month. Any payments outstanding after the 10th of the month will incur a $35 late fee. All invoices are sent out via PayPal invoice. If paying by cash or check instead of PayPal, payments must be paid by the first lesson of the month – NO EXCEPTIONS, otherwise all payments must be paid through PayPal invoice. For payments made after the 10th of the month, payments must be paid in full, including late fee by the end of the current billing month to continue your lesson spot into the next month.




Cancellation Policy:

Lessons MUST be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance to qualify for a make-up lesson. Lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice or no calls/no shows will be charged full price for the missed lesson. Students that miss 2 lessons in a row without notice or excuse may lose their weekly spot should trainer have a wait list for vacancies.


For students needing to cancel or reschedule their lesson, a make-up lesson will be given to be used within 30 days of the missed lesson. Should student choose to forgo a make-up lesson, no lesson credit will be given for the missed lesson. Unpaid spots will not be held in the event of student’s absence for any reason.


Lessons will be held rain or shine unless cancelled by trainer. If trainer cancels lessons for any reason, including severe weather, students will be given a make-up lesson to be used within the same parameters outlined above. In the event that classes are cancelled, students will be notified via text message.




Make-up Lessons:

 Please contact us to schedule your make-up lesson. Students can select an open private lesson spot or join another group class (dependent upon student's skill level and class availability). Make-up lessons are also given on weekends and school holidays, subject to availability.


For Show Team members; make-up lessons for any missed or cancelled classes are MANDATORY before going to any off-site competitions or events.  


Please note that in the event stable is closed for competitions or holidays, make-up lessons will be given for any displaced classes.





1. Any adults or children that accompany you or your child to the stable from this day forward are your sole responsibility. It’s A Cinch Horsemanship, LLC is not responsible for any injury or damages to guests and will not be held liable. By signing this contract you agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless It’s A Cinch Horsemanship, LLC located @ 17735 S Mann Ave, Sahuarita, AZ 85629 and any and all of its employees, operators and affiliates for and from any litigation, claims, damages, expenses and or losses arising from their presence at It’s A Cinch Horsemanship, LLC.



Barn Rules:

Students and parents - Please read, memorize and abide by the following rules as we strive to give everyone a safe and fun learning experience. Rules and regulations are in place for the safety of all riders and horses. Barn rules are also posted on/in the tack room for easy reference.



2. Children MUST be supervised by a parent or legal guardian at ALL times.

3. For safety reasons, spectators must remain at the viewing area (picnic tables) while lessons or equine activities commence, and all children must remain under direct supervision by parent or guardian at ALL TIMES.

4. Children age 13 and over may be dropped off for activities with trainer’s consent.

5. Listen to your trainer and follow their instructions at all times. Riders not following instructions or acting in an unsafe or disrespectful manner will be asked to dismount or cease activity immediately. This rule is for your safety, the safety of other participants, and the horse’s well-being.

6. All riders regardless of age, participating in mounted activities at It’s A Cinch Horsemanship MUST wear an ASTM approved riding helmet at all times while mounted.

7. All riders MUST wear an ASTM approved riding helmet at all times while participating in activities or events on stable owned horses.

8. Do not enter arena or horse stalls/pens unless specifically instructed by your trainer.

9. Please do not bring any personal pets to the stable.

10. Please respect this property. Place trash in designated receptacles.

11. No running, screaming, loud noises, or horseplay. This includes while in direct contact with the horse as well as while in areas around the horses.

12. Please refrain from opening umbrellas while lessons are in progress as they can cause the horses to spook.

13. Ask before petting ANY of the horses or animals.

14. DO NOT feed ANYTHING to the horses. This includes any hay found on the ground. We appreciate your help in keeping our horses safe and healthy!

15. Do not enter goat pen or other any animal pens without permission.

16. When approaching a horse, speak softly so as not to startle it. A frightened horse may kick or pull back.

17. Approach horse from the side, never from directly in front or behind them.

18. Horses are to be tied in designated areas only.

19. Never cross in front of the horse while it is tied up.

20. After you enter any gate, close and latch it behind you.

21. Do not let tack drag in the dirt or leave bridles/reins on the ground. Please return your tack/supplies to the tack room when you are finished using them.